former उदाहरण

EN[ˈfɔɹmɚ] [ˈfɔːmə] [-ɔː(ɹ)mə(ɹ)]

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    1. Former Hidden Camera Steven Kado and artist Brian Joseph Davis channel a little John Cage filtered through deathcore music with their performance Alvin Lucifer.
    2. The end of the rainbow is Elizabeth Berkley, a former dancer who could exhume the corpse of Martha Graham and still go to her own grave known solely for “Showgirls,” that great degrader of the once simply disreputable profession of stripping.
    3. Working in the 11,000-foot studio space of Eli Wilner & Company, a former eggroll factory, Mr. Terán created the mockup to test the depth of sculptural relief and the placement of the frame’s embellishments.
    4. Things can get especially tense, he said, when the evictees are former soldiers of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the separatist guerrilla group that fought the Serbs.
    5. Hoover supporters' "explanations" and former status rarely save him from modern ridicule as a useless expense.
    6. The interesting factette to emerge from the wreckage is that the Co-op group paid out £150,000 for unfair dismissal to [a] former employee.
    7. The culprits responsible for these mags are the former fan and most unrelenting feudist of all times, William S Sykora; the juvenile and semi-illiterate James V Taurasi and the commercially minded fake fan, Sam Moskowitz.
  • इसके उदाहरण formers
    1. Any explanation is speculative, but might relate to the fact these are first time and not recurrent SF. There were also no differences amongst groups in the intake of calcium and vitamin D. Further analysis of serum analyte concentrations based on the presence or absence of hypercalciuria in male and female stone formers revealed no differences in normocalciuric versus the hypercalciuric groups.
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