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    1. Eggcrates are carefully aligned at specific locations by adjusting the location of each radially with corresponding tube holes.
    2. Thus, hypoandrogenisms, even though slight, probably cause an alteration of the epididymal function, even though no corresponding alteration is observable in the functioning of other glands.
    3. Before surgery, Patients had undergone an extensive medical evaluation for patientsgeneral status, comorbidity and corresponding immunocompatibility tests.
    4. The time reversal invariant topological superconductivity is realized if the interwire pairing corresponding to crossed Andreev reflection dominates over the standard intrawire pairing.
    5. The position of the Schwabe organ is ventral to the lateral nerve cord, and slightly lateral and posterior to the origin of the first lateropedal connective [3; Fig 1F ], corresponding precisely to the location of the larval eye [13; Fig 1E ].
    6. This program is able to correct the projected acetabular rims and the corresponding radiographic hip parameters caused by pelvic malorientation based on a cone-beam projection model.
    7. The osteoarchaeological record for the corresponding period confirms that these were indeed a real practice.
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