boasts उदाहरण


    Examples of boasts in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण boast
    1. Osakans boast of this passion, noting that they are unlike the people of nearby Kyoto, who discreetly spend their money on luxurious clothes and furnishings.
  • इसके उदाहरण boasts
    1. 2007: The house is very large and open and boasts 39 squares of living space plus over 13 squares of decking area on 3 sides and 17 squares of garage and workshop downstairs. — Your Estate advertisement for Grindelwald Tasmania [2]
    2. The "neck" is not soft and braidable, the cloves are big and fat, there's a round basal plate at the root, and the content of allicin (a healthful compound) is five times that of offshore garlic, Rowe boasts.
    3. The hotel boasts one of the best views of the sea. ‎
    4. You have no such access, and your boasts are those of an insecure dweebling trying to posture self-importance..
    5. Rio de Janeiro boasts the best nightlife in South America
    6. The central character, Prof. Laurie Jameson, teaches literature at a small, elite, ultraprogressive liberal arts college in New England — it boasts the first transgender dorm in America.
  • इसके उदाहरण boasted
    1. The college student boasted of completing a 10,000-word essay on Shakespeare, but the professor judged it as utter crap.
    2. He examined the cash balance daily, boasted he could pay off all debts in two hours, had a deadeye for fake figures in scanning a ledger, and personally audited the books each New Year's Day.
    3. His family boasted a famous name. ‎
    4. It was his claim that no Sudanese spearsman or waddling assegai-thrower could harm him so long as he was mounted and armed, and he boasted that no horse on earth could unseat him.
    5. The teen-aged boy boasted that he was going to get laid by the homecoming queen, because she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.
  • इसके उदाहरण boasting
    1. The others tired of Frank's habitual locker-room boasting about various women he had "scored" with.
    2. Some boasting housekeeper which keepeth open doors for one day [ …] and lives starvedly all the year after. — Bishop Hall.
    3. It get boring listening to his boasting about his daughter.
    4. The visitors arrived at the Reebok Stadium boasting an impressive record of winning their last eight Premier League games there without conceding a goal.
    5. Boasting a stylish space and brooding electronic music, this airy and atmospheric bar attracts a somewhat savvier bar-goer.
    6. What the Lord lendeth, if thou take, Proud-heartedly and boasting make, Eternity shall be thy shame.
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  1. en boastsome
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