written उदाहरण

EN[ˈrɪtn̩] [-ɪtən]

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    1. This is a task dispatched to one of three assistants, from whom he demands formal, written apologies when they behave insubordinately.
    2. Entries on her personal Twitter stream are all written as senryu, a syllabically constrained poetic form like haiku.
    3. This is the worst-written essay I've ever seen.
    4. I can't understand these directions to building this doghouse because they're so poorly written. The hell with it!
    5. Both science-fiction writers and physicists have written about travel through time. ‎
    6. The name Cézanne is written with an acute accent.
    7. The name Cézanne is written with an acute accent mark.
    8. The word hour is written with a silent aitch.
    9. Doubtless it hath been selected for me because of its alamodality,- a good and pregnant word, on the fitness of which some German whose name appears to be erroneously as well as uncouthly written Geamoenus, is said to have composed a dissertation.
    10. Written by Sam Shepard and director-cinematographer Robert Frank, this 1968 antidocumentary emphasizes the relationship between Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, and Peter's brother Julius [ … ] .
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