written उदाहरण

EN[ˈrɪtn̩] [-ɪtən]

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  • इसके उदाहरण written
    1. The identification division gives the name of the program, its author, the date the program was written and other information that other users may find helpful in understanding or maintaining the program.
    2. Programs written in the BASIC language are usually run through an interpreter, though some can be compiled.
    3. The book was written for professionals, but an intelligent layperson could understand most of it.
    4. A lead sheet is often the only form of written music used by a small jazz ensemble. One or more musicians will play the melody while the rest of the group improvises an appropriate accompaniment.
    5. The earliest attributable use was by Lady Newdigate in a letter written in 1789 (and published in Newdigate-Newdegate Cheverels in 1898)[1]:
    6. These are [ … ] written in the breezy, breathlessly pulpy style of so much standard megaplex fare: thrillers, fantasies, horror novels or romantic comedy chicklit.
    7. A metaphrast has re-written Ian McEwan's book Atonement as a poem.
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