showing उदाहरण

EN[ˈʃəʊɪŋ] [ˈʃoʊɪŋ] [-əʊɪŋ]

    Examples of showing in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण showing
    1. Since the machine was showing two lemons and a cherry, I decided to try a nudge.
    2. Up front, skipper and open-side Lewis Moody looked almost back to full fitness, while England's set-piece was barely troubled, albeit against a Romania side showing 11 changes from that beaten by Argentina earlier in the week.
    3. And I think part of it may have been a reaction to perceived overfriendliness of Clinton with the Hollywood crowd, and polls showing that people don't like celebrities.
    4. Our local theatre is showing Puss in Boots.
    5. Shannon entropy H is given by the formula where pi is the probability of character number i showing up in a stream of characters of the given "script".
    6. We went to the midnight showing of the new horror movie.
    7. He made a poor showing at his first time at bat.
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