resourced उदाहरण


    Examples of resourced in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण resource
    1. “Within a year of discovery, it was apparent that they were lakewide, and in areas they were really numerous,” said Kent Turner, chief of resource management for the park service at the recreation area.
    2. resource leak
    3. People are a good thing, the most precious resource in a rich economy, so the progressive-minded feel. Only misanthropists disagree or the dottier Malthusians who send green-ink tweets deploring any state assistance for child-rearing.
    4. Lignite is the main natural resource of Thailand.
    5. a man/woman of resource
    6. In addition, these viable cultures represent an important future resource for phylogeny-directed biodiscovery.
    7. To improve wind dispatchability and reduce flexibility resource costs, in this paper, we propose a novel RUC model considering strategic wind generation curtailment (WGC).
  • इसके उदाहरण resources
    1. Environmental pollution and the overconsumption of nonreplenishable resources is the boiling frog syndrome of the 21st century.
    2. This time was most dreadful for Lilian. Thrown on her own resources and almost penniless, she maintained herself and paid the rent of a wretched room near the hospital by working as a charwoman, sempstress, anything.
    3. A couple of oil shocks, a Chernobyl meltdown, and a Gulf War later, his basic message – the need to emphasize efficiency and renewable resources over oil and nuclear power – is still a minority view
    4. Fluorite is the main natural resources of Thailand.
    5. To access Office-related TechNet resources, go to www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/office.
    6. They [ … ] founded manufacturies of cotton cloths; contracted for the crops of produce at very high prices; offered rewards and, in short, they put in motion every partial resources they were able to avail themselves of and their limited means allowed.
    7. I tracked down my program's memory leak to a function that didn't release graphics resources properly.
    8. The student was threatened with a £2000 fine and banned from using the university's computing resources for two weeks due to gross misconduct on the Internet.
  • इसके उदाहरण resourced
    1. All children receive it and, for the most part, do so in institutions that are approved by the state and, to a greater or lesser extent, resourced by the state.

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