letters उदाहरण

EN[ˈlɛtɚz] [ˈlɛtəz]

    Examples of letters in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण letter
    1. He received an insulting letter.
    2. She rewrote the letter to make it sound more lawyerly.
    3. He was able to write out the speeches of Hamlet, letter perfect. It was impressive to see how exactly he knew the wording.
    4. It was a longish time before I received a reply to my letter.
    5. She wrote him a melodramatic letter, threatening to kill herself.
    6. a letter missive
    7. Asked to write a set of voluntaries, Mendelssohn — who admitted in an 1844 letter to Coventry that he did not understand what the term meantfashioned a series of small pieces, then arranged them into multimovement works for publication in 1845.
    8. In a letter to nonfamily Times directors last month, Mr. Elmasry wrote: [ … ]
    9. In a letter to Mr. Butzel in late May, Connie Fishman, the president of the trust, wrote that the site of the “new nontourism/nonrecreational heliport” would be where Pier 72 jutted into the river near 32nd Street.
    10. I wrote a letter to the Guild Newsletter apologizing for having disrupted the show, pleading temporary nutso.
  • इसके उदाहरण letters
    1. ...the vowels were all alike and the consonants only distinguishable as turning up or down, the strokes had a blotty solidity and the letters disdained to keep the line.
    2. Cut out the letters and paste them on the poster.
    3. I pretended the brush of his knuckles against my knees wasn’t the kind of electrocharged intimacy I recall as a preamble to letters in Penthouse Forum.
    4. On this occasion the minister came full-handed. He told her, first, as appears from her notes and letters, that he had definitely decided to appoint a Sanitary Committee at the India Office. He read out the list of names;
    5. In English. many letters are heterographic.
  • इसके उदाहरण lettered
    1. The psychology of the influence of external forms on the conscious reactions of the masses is so far usually considered only when, as often happens, the most fundamental demands are violated; for instance, when objects which are to give the impression of ease are painted in colors which give a heavy, clumsy appearance, or vice versa, when book-bindings are lettered in archaic type which makes the reading of the title impossible for a passer-by, and in many similar antipsychological absurdities which any stroll through the streets of a modern city forces on us.
  • इसके उदाहरण lettering
    1. The backwards lettering on emergency vehicles makes it possible to read in the rear-view mirror.
    2. His distinctive, frenetic minimalism, condensed lettering and rebuslike signature (“H. Kurtz,” with a little figure of a “man” at the end) were developed during the course of this strip.
    3. On a recent afternoon a work crew and crane were affixing the tall lettering to the side of the team’s new stadium, just off the autobahn in Sinsheim, a few miles from Hoffenheim.
    4. The lettering on the sign made it clear that intruders were unwelcome.
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