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    1. This contract is a legally binding agreement.
    2. Actually, we are both forgetting the most important step in why children are legally hittable and by whom.
    3. This invalid contract cannot be legally enforced.
    4. A contract is a legally binding agreement.
    5. The city has at times fogged the outside-ocala area, but the county claims its hands are too tied, legally and financially, for it to render much aid.
    6. The effective rate of interest was unconscionable, but not legally usurious.
    7. You can legally park in the lot on weekends without paying the fee, they won't ticket you.
    8. Legally, I think you are covered, but there are angry guys with baseball bats outside.
    9. For every $1.40 hike in drink price, the bargoer was 30 percent less likely to leave the bar legally drunk.
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  1. en legally binding
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