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    1. Certainly, one could imagine this kind of systematic denial of the resources required to live as a form of politicide -- or political genocide.
    2. The unifying thread is a kind of magpie postminimalism, which invigorates familiar abstract strategiesgrids, serial repetition, reductive formsusing materials scavenged from everyday life.
    3. In recent years, stars have learned that their intense presentness in people’s daily lives and their access to the uppermost realms of politics, business and the media offer them a peculiar kind of moral position, should they care to use it.
    4. As here the possessive pronoun 'our' has inclusive reference in that it a priori includes both the editor and reader, its presense amounts to a kind of pronominal bonding between writer and reader.
    5. If you didn't go for Lila you're some kind of prissy old prude. If you did go for her you were some kind of dirty old man.
    6. For most Americans, big bonuses and corporate jets and office remodelings become a kind of stand-in for the real sins of the bankers.
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  1. en kind of like
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