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    1. If you are Margaret Thatcher, effortlessly radiating a kind of low-heeled, nannylike authority, or the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, resting on your laurels as a scientist, all you need do is pass muster.
    2. 1889: Even Paradise itself, says Evelyn, was but a kind of ‘nemorous temple or sacred grove,’ planted by God himselfThomas Thisleton-Dyer, The Folk Lore of Plants (Kessinger 2004, p. 22)
    3. He and his partners, the trumpeter Marvin Stamm and the cellist Alisa Horn, manage to imbue the material with a noncloying kind of romance.
    4. A disputed goal by the Sabres in Game 3, and a disputed nongoal by the Islanders in Game 4, began a kind of bad luck theme.
    5. The melodies are unaffected, almost stoic; there’s a kind of nonidiomatic breeze blowing through them.
    6. Still, there are a lot of press at a nonpress event, and it all takes place in Sun Valley, the kind of toy town where wealth is part of the civic culture.
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  1. en kind of like
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