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    Examples of indicating in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण indicate
    1. Slight anisochromasia is normal due to the biconcave shape of erythrocytes, but if excessive, it may indicate iron deficiency.
    2. His spacious quarters indicate his transition from backbench upstart to established member of the governing team.
    3. Frequency distributions of some of the variables indicate the existence of bimodalities.
    4. The copier gave a chime to indicate that it had finished printing.
    5. The microwave chimed to indicate that it was done cooking.
    6. "Above all though, our poll seems to indicate one thing - in 2009 classic rock still rules."
    7. He used a yellow highlighter to indicate where to give emphasis in his speech.
    8. The documents indicate that Dr. Murray tried to revive Mr. Jackson with flumazenil, which reverses the effects of benzodiazepines like lorazepam.
    9. Recent studies indicate that queenless societies can have either one or several gamergates per colony, which reveals that reproductive inhibition can occur despite the absence of the queen caste.
    10. The computer showed an hourglass mouse cursor to indicate that it was too busy to process user input.
  • इसके उदाहरण indicates
    1. Given the power under a certain significance level, we can also calculate the noncentrality parameter τ 2 , which indicates the amount of difference that a test could detect.
    2. Live cell imaging indicates Src1 could have roles during mitotic exit as it preferentially locates to the NE abscission points during nucleokinesis and to the NE surrounding forming daughter G1 nuclei.
    3. The evidence presented in this report indicates that the primary target of the Rsb phosphoregulatory network in Chlamydia trachomatis is σ 66 , the main ‘housekeeping’ sigma factor of the pathogen.
    4. The polydispersivity of the samples, which was lower than 25%, indicates that Sfβgly-N and Sfβgly-C were homogeneous throughout the incubation period.
    5. The presence of a slight precingulid indicates the probable presence of a small paraconid.
    6. Conflicting data has shown antitumorigenic or protumorigenic functions on macrophages in particular, however our data indicates macrophages play a protumorigenic role in GC patients.
    7. Based on these p-values, a final score in each subchallenge is calculated as follows: (17) Note that a larger score indicates a greater statistical significance of the adopted reconstruction algorithm for the network prediction.
    8. In the first case (c1), a ray hits the surface pocket before reaching the ligand: this indicates underpacking in the protein-ligand interface.
  • इसके उदाहरण indicated
    1. If an error is indicated the reperforator deletes the errored line from the tape and signals the transmitter to repeat the line of data.
    2. hastily swung towards the curb, halted by the shop the everloving indicated. - Author unknown, 1925
    3. Despite their seemingly strong hold on life, as indicated by the persistence of movement in decapitation tests, rattlers are relatively frail creatures and are easily killed.
    4. The physical properties of the different honeys, color, granulation, aroma, flavor, etc., are indicated in the table only in a very general way.
    5. M. and Chrysler have indicated that their postbankruptcy dealer showrooms will feature more small cars — and fewer trucks.
    6. An abnormal reading on a presurgical EKG led to another angiogram, which indicated that the original narrowing had worsened.
    7. When Martha reopened the bottle of wine from the previous week's party, a vinegary whiff indicated that drinking it was out of the question.
    8. Polls indicated a dead heat for the office of dog catcher.
  • इसके उदाहरण indicating
    1. The ethyl acetate extract of QTYC-45 and sterile QTYC-45 exhibited a difference in retention time of 10.8 min (S3 Fig , peak marked with*), indicating that the compound (10.8 min, peak marked with *) was produced by the endofungal bacteria itself.
    2. A training device for tactually indicating to a player whether the player's hand has properly gripped the handle of a racket for forehanded play and for backhanded play
    3. High serum concentration of globotriaosylsphingosine (lyso-Gb3), indicating the presence of deacylated Gb3, has been observed in patients with FD [4 ].
    4. In heterodisomic UPD, two distinct homologous chromosomes are received from one parent, indicating that an error took place during meiosis I.
    5. Reduction in levels of these biomarkers correlated with reduction in stroke risk (lower TCD velocity), indicating a possible role for hypercoagulation in SCD associated stroke.
    6. This strain never turned red, indicating that β -carotene was not hyperproduced by this strain.
    7. Similar to 18 F-tLyP-1, the tumor/brain ratios of FAM-tLyP-1 was also high, indicating both molecular reagents could likely by used to identify glioma microinvasions before the surgery and intraoperation to guide the resection of malignant glioma.

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