historic उदाहरण

EN[(h)ɪˈstɒɹɪk] [(h)ɪˈstɔːɹɪk] [-ɒrɪk]

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    1. A “robber baron” or “robber knight” is an historic term and title of disdain. ‎
    2. “We’re the only ones left in the neighborhood who still make pickles on the premises,” said the master briner, who agrees with the historic trust’s warning that “irreparable damage” is being done by new high-rise condos and hotels.
    3. He made a hundred in the historic match.
    4. The author (and lobsterwoman) Linda Greenlaw, about to depart on a book tour for her new mystery, admitted to me that Mr. Obama’s emergence as the Democratic nominee was a historic, awe-inspiring moment —— not that she’s going to vote for him.
    5. It includes carvings, carousel animals, historic photographs of arks and carvings from synagogues in Eastern Europe and ornately painted papercuts.
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