exhibiting उदाहरण

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    Examples of exhibiting in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण exhibit
    1. Exhibit A is this photograph of the corpse.
    2. He wanted to exhibit his baseball cards. ‎
    3. I now exhibit this bloody hammer. ‎
    4. to exhibit calomel
    5. Let us take your cat: now suppose we shave her tail, so that it cannot shall I say perscopate or bristle; suppose we attach a board to her back, so that it cannot arch; suppose we then exhibit a displeasing sight – a sportive dog, for instance.
    6. Workers attempt to avoid the queen, but if antennated try to escape or exhibit a submissive crouching posture, while the queen starts to bite and pull their legs and antennae.
  • इसके उदाहरण exhibits
    1. Tourian's poem exhibits a central strand of the Catholic tradition which has been suppressed in Armenian religious life but needs to be resurfaced.
    2. Similar observations in vivo are also known, where it has been seen that a plant extract exhibits antiperoxidative and pro-oxidative effect for cardiac and liver tissues respectively [57 ].
    3. Reductive dehalogenation effectively removes TBBPA, but the debrominated product bisphenol A exhibits higher estrogenic activity than the parent compound [15 ,16 ].
    4. I don't know, to tell you the truth, because I don't go to very many exhibits. I wish I were more of an avid museum-goer and exhibit-goer.
    5. Forsythiaside exhibits strong antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cyclic adenosine monophosphate phosphodiesterase inhibitory effects [ 15 ]; forsythin and rutin show a strong antioxidant effect [ 16 ].
    6. The cut in Fig 6 exhibits the magnified region of the chromatogram indicating the 2,5-DMHQ (signal no.1) and the monoacetate of 2,5-DMHQ (no.2), which is formed during the fungal treatment.
    7. It exhibits peramorphosis to a degree unknown in any other caudate, in the case of a few characters even unknown in any other lissamphibian.
    8. Functional studies [26 –28 ] also suggest a role as secretomotor neurons for the cholinergic subpopulation showing that ACh exhibits a strong prosecretory effect in the porcine gastrointestinal tract, including the proximal colon.
  • इसके उदाहरण exhibited
    1. We previously reported that K36 exhibited antiphotodamage activity by scavenging intracellular ROS, inhibiting the MAPK/AP-1/MMP pathway, and alleviating UV-induced collagen decomposition in human skin fibroblasts.
    2. Gingerenones A, B and C, lariciresinol, quercetin and calebin A from these spices exhibited high docking score, binding affinity and sustained protein-ligand interactions.
    3. Compared with SNA, BD with arthritis exhibited relatively high levels of glutamate, valine, citramalate, leucine, methionine sulfoxide, glycerate, phosphate, lysine, isoleucine, urea, and citrulline.
    4. The remaining cell events exhibited a consistent ratio of infrared vs. far red fluorescence attributable to chlorophyll, resulting in a narrow linear distribution of cell events on the flow cytogram.
    5. The ethyl acetate extract of QTYC-45 and sterile QTYC-45 exhibited a difference in retention time of 10.8 min (S3 Fig , peak marked with*), indicating that the compound (10.8 min, peak marked with *) was produced by the endofungal bacteria itself.
    6. Shindo et al. studied 151 patients with functional dyspepsia or nonerosive reflux disease and found that acylated ghrelin levels were significantly lower in NERD patients and that 33% of NERD patients exhibited delayed gastric emptying.
  • इसके उदाहरण exhibiting
    1. Whatever the cause there are many recorded instances of persons suffering from ailurophobia exhibiting symptoms of distress in rooms which apparently contained no cats; later cats would be discovered, hidden behind curtains or in closets.
    2. Will you be exhibiting this year? ‎
    3. I'll admit that this Frankenstein Complex you're exhibiting has a certain justification—hence the First Law in the first place.
    4. The American Ivy Society hewed closely to the theme, exhibiting only hederas that come from Ireland or have an Irish name.

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  2. en cohibiting
  3. en inhibiting
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