duties उदाहरण

EN[duːtiz] [ˈdjuːtiz]

    Examples of duties in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण duties
    1. Residents of New York, Illinois and now New Hampshire have watched as their governors waffled, politicked and, in the case of Illinois, possibly broke the law carrying out their duties to appoint a new senator.
    2. She also called upon Congress to create a federal oversight agency to supervise quasigovernment retirement plans, “to ensure that they are carrying out their fiduciary duties.”
    3. reciprocal love; reciprocal duties
    4. The [ … ] duties on semifinished steel products and pig iron will be increased to 25 percent, from 15 percent, the ministry's statement said.
    5. His assumption of secretarial duties was timely.
    6. It was while he was performing the duties of the store that he acquired the soubriquet "Honest Abe"--a characterization that he never dishonored, and an abbreviation that he never outgrew.
    7. 'Tis more than likely, were fen to know their work on behalf of the con-goer was appreciated, there might not be so much in evidence the reluctance to take on the duties of a committee.
    8. At the same time, Rajah Goordass, son of Nuncomar, was appointed dewan to the nabob, whose duties were strictly to be confined to the household, and who was to have nothing to do with the public business or public revenues of Bengal.

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