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    Examples of contrary to in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण contrary to
    1. Contrary to Searle’s paper, the distinction between reflecting on speech-acts, by using notions like “truth” and “proposition”, and performing speech-acts is nicely brought out by Siegwart’s “Alethic acts and alethiological reflection”.
    2. And yet she could find nothing to say in opposition to this; consequently, she had walked away unprotesting, and that act was so contrary to her disposition that it saddened her.
    3. Thereafter the court ruled unanimously in paragraph 2c of its dispositif that threat or use of force by means of nuclear weapons is contrary to the UN charter and is unlawful.
    4. Our data suggested that, contrary to the law’s rather binary notion of indigency, a large chunk of felony criminal defendants are what we have called “marginally indigent.”
    5. I think she is pretty, contrary to most people. ‎
    6. Contrary to what was observed with strain ET 138, several subculturings on TVMY supplemented with acetate at temperatures varying between 55 and 65°C did not result in a pure mutant genotype for derivatives of DSM 4216 T .
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