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    1. Furthermore, we deduce a local to global theorem for injective (or hyperconvex) metric spaces, saying that under certain conditions a complete, simply-connected, locally injective metric space is injective.
    2. Using a microcannula connected to the tip of a 30 gauge needle and Hamilton syringe (Hamilton Company, Reno, NV), 5μl of blood was injected into the scala tympani through the left cochleostomy site using an infusion pump for 2 minutes.
    3. The operation of the leg is through the activation of two 100  μ m diameter SMA wires connected to a brass micropulley.
    4. A classification of all GL(2,R) orbit closures in hyperelliptic components of strata (up to computing connected components and up to finitely many nonarithmetic rank one orbit closures) is provided conditional on the sparsity conjecture..
    5. The heart nerve was partially desheathed and hooked to bipolar electrodes connected to an electrical stimulator (Accupulser Signal Generator, WPI).
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