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    1. However, in that taxon the surface of the basioccipital between the occipital condyle and the basal tubera is not excavated as in MCCM-HUE-1667 and lacks the subcondylar recess or foramen.
    2. In the regions surrounding the TRE genes on scaffolds av458 and av6, synteny was well preserved (Fig 1B ), suggesting that AvTreA-A and AvTreC-C’ were ohnologues and form a quartet of four homologous regions (as in Hur et al and Van Doninck et al).
    3. This is probably due to the fact that the bandwidths, R and h, are chosen independently of some specific properties of the volatility process (e.g., integrated quarticity, integrated volatility of volatility, as in Ref. [27 ]).

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