throughout परिभाषा

EN[θɹuːˈaʊt] [-aʊt]

    Definition of throughout in English Dictionary

  • क्रिया-विशेषण (Adverb)PREthrough-
    1. OBS Completely through, right the way through.
      1. In every part; everywhere.
        1. During an entire period of time.
        2. पूर्वसर्ग (Preposition)
          1. In every part of; all through.
          2. और ज्यादा उदाहरण
            1. मध्य के वाक्य में इस्तेमाल किया
              • Samples were collected semihourly (on the hour and half hour) throughout the study.
              • The home team appeared to have the advantage throughout the game, and finally capitalized on their opponents' weakness with just two minutes remaining, scoring several points in quick succession.
              • The virus spread like wildfire throughout the Internet.
          • पार्ट ऑफ़ स्पीच पदानुक्रम (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
            1. क्रिया-विशेषण
              • Uncomparable क्रिया विशेषण
              • पूर्वसर्ग

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              Meaning of throughout for the defined word.

              व्याकरण की दृष्टि से, इस शब्द "throughout" एक एक क्रिया-विशेषण, और अधिक विशेष रूप से, एक uncomparable क्रिया विशेषण है। यह भी एक पूर्वसर्ग है।
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