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    Definition of exceptional in English Dictionary

  • संज्ञा (Noun)PLexceptionals
    1. An exception, or something having an exceptional value.
    2. विशेषण (Adjective)COMmore exceptionalSUPmost exceptional
      1. Forming an exception; not ordinary; uncommon; rare.
        1. What an exceptional flower!
      2. Better than the average; superior due to exception or rarity.
        1. The quality of the beer was exceptional.
      3. (geometry) Corresponding to something of lower dimension under a birational correspondence.
        1. an exceptional curve; an exceptional divisor
    3. और ज्यादा उदाहरण
      1. मध्य के वाक्य में इस्तेमाल किया
        • These exceptional euryarchaeotic species were mixed within the crenarchaeotic zone, together with Nanoarchaeum equitans [40 ] and “Ca.
        • Our concerns remain over the continued high level of exceptionals and lack of cash generation.
        • Capers Funnye is a knowledgeable, committed Jew and, as an Obama relative, has exceptional yichus.
      2. वाक्य के अंत में प्रयुक्त
        • Its Le Nombre dOr Campanae Veteres Vites 2000, $66, showcases three lesser-known grapes arbanne, petit meslier and fromenteau but one word describes it: exceptional.
    • पार्ट ऑफ़ स्पीच पदानुक्रम (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
      1. विशेषण
        • संज्ञा
          • गणनीय संज्ञाएं
        संबंधित लिंक्स:
        1. en exceptionally
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        4. en exceptionalism
        5. en exceptionalist
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