despite परिभाषा

EN[dɪˈspaɪt] [-aɪt]
Tके बावजूद

    Definition of despite in English Dictionary

  • संज्ञा (Noun)PLdespitesPREdés-SUF-té
    1. OBS Disdain, contemptuous feelings, hatred.
      1. (archaic) Action or behaviour displaying such feelings; an outrage, insult.
        1. Evil feeling; malice, spite.
        2. क्रिया (Verb)SGdespitesPRdespitingPT, PPdespited
          1. OBS To vex; to annoy; to offend contemptuously.
          2. पूर्वसर्ग (Preposition)
            1. In spite of, notwithstanding, regardless of.
            2. और ज्यादा उदाहरण
              1. मध्य के वाक्य में इस्तेमाल किया
                • He never made it to Italy despite talking about it all his life.
                • Kye Sun-Hui won an Olympic gold medal in Judo, despite being a wild card.
                • For these reasons, the invasive tumor segment in BAT typically remains unresected, unbiopsied, and uncharacterized despite the use of CE-MRI and/or 5-ALA guidance.
              2. सजा की शुरुआत में प्रयुक्त
                • Despite intensifying speculation about his future, Mr Costello has not announced if he will recontest Higgins.
                • Despite the economic recovery, the percentage of the U.S. population living in poverty rose to 12.5 percent in 2003
                • Despite all of the rehearsals, as soon as I got on stage I froze up.
            • पार्ट ऑफ़ स्पीच पदानुक्रम (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
              1. संज्ञा
                • गणनीय संज्ञाएं
                  • Singularia tantum
                    • असंख्य संज्ञाएं
                  • पूर्वसर्ग
                    • क्रिया
                    संबंधित लिंक्स:
                    1. en despiteous
                    2. en despites
                    3. en despited
                    4. en despiteful
                    5. en despitefully
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                    Meaning of despite for the defined word.

                    व्याकरण की दृष्टि से, इस शब्द "despite" एक एक संज्ञा, और अधिक विशेष रूप से, एक गणनीय संज्ञाएं और एक singularia tantum है। यह भी एक पूर्वसर्ग है। यह भी एक क्रिया है।
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